King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard

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5 Stars (5 / 5)

Red Queen #3
King’s Cage was just the mind f*** I was expecting, and then some! I’d hoped that we’d be delving more into Maven’s character in this one, and Aveyard did not disappoint. What a diabolical, sick, and broken villain! What I love about Aveyard’s characters is that they are none of them good, none of them bad, always some mixture in between (except maybe Elara, I have yet to find the good in her). And the depths of pity you begin to feel for Maven, even as you still despise him, represents storytelling at its finest.

I really loved the small pieces from Evangeline’s POV, there is much more to her character than I ever would have anticipated. I feel like she may be the key to unraveling the mess that was the end of King’s Cage (though I have to say, I did see that one coming).

Overall, this book represented a huge change of pace from the other novels, much more psychological than action oriented, but I found myself drawn in just the same. I wish that we’d maybe gotten a little more from the Red Guard’s perspective in the beginning, but in the long run that might have detracted too much from Mare’s story. Eagerly anticipating the conclusion to this epic tale!

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