Legion by Julie Kagawa

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4 Stars (4 / 5)

Talon #4
In Legion, we finally begin to see Talon’s plans come to fruition, and their endgame starts to become clear. Our ragtag band of rogues is in the thick of it once again, attempting to put a stop to Talon’s plans once and for all. And Ember finally learns her importance to the organization and puts herself head-to-head against her brother, Dante, for the first time.

In Rogue and Soldier we get flashbacks from Riley and Garret’s points-of-view respectively, and Legion is no different, finally cluing us in to Dante’s backstory. It was great to finally learn more about his and Ember’s youth and how they grew up in the organization. It helps to understand Dante’s perspective and why he is so driven to succeed in Talon.

While still a bit predictable, there were a few surprises in this one that I didn’t see coming. Overall, a very fun series and I look forward to seeing how things end.

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