Soldier by Julie Kagawa

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4 Stars (4 / 5)

Talon #3
This series has really started to draw me in, and in Soldier we finally start to unravel the mystery that is the inner workings of Talon. We get an even more behind the scenes look with Dante and our heroes start to uncover some of the manipulations that Talon has been running. It was nice to see the group finally starting to work proactively against the organization, instead of just reacting to their direct attacks. No longer are they simply “on the run,” as they begin to unravel Talon’s plans a little at a time. And as we uncover the inner workings of St. George, we learn more and more about that dangerous organization.

I love how each of these books gives us flashbacks of a character’s past. In Rogue, we got to learn more about Riley/Cobalt. In Solider, we see Garret’s history and how he came to be a part of the order. I was starting to get a bit annoyed with the love triangle and Ember’s indecisiveness over her feelings, but I’m happy to say she finally seems to make a choice in this book. The ending is explosive and cliff-hangery and includes a big reveal (that was fun, but I have to admit a little predictable), that left me eager for more.

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