War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

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4 Stars (4 / 5)

Red Queen #4

“I am less than his crown, and he is less than my cause.”

And finally we have the ending of the Red Queen series. I think that it ended in just about the best way we could hope for, given how King’s Cage ended. There was triumph and sorrow, love and loss, growth and change. It’s not quite the explosive ending that I’ve come to expect from this series, but it was overall fulfilling and satisfying.

Mare learns to let go of her hatred, and live for something greater than herself. Evangeline shows she’s far deeper than anyone has ever given her credit for, and she learns to stand up for what she believes in. The two spark up an unexpected connection that was both terrifying and fascinating.

The book was nowhere near perfect: it started out melodramatic and melancholy and took far too long to get out of it. Maven’s character didn’t get the attention that he deserved, not like in King’s Cage, and ultimately his story arc felt cheapened from what it could have been. I did love getting parts of the story from new points-of-view: Iris, Maven, and Cal, though the later two were so infrequent as to make them almost negligible; I wish that had been explored a bit more. Overall, I was satisfied, but not wowed by War Storm. I felt like it could have been bigger, it could have been more, but it was good, and I am content.

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